hello everyone

2016-04-16 16:13:29 by gray1

hello everyone,

I've been around for nine years or so and this community is important to me. I've grown here and have made quite a bit of contibutions of my work here. Newgrounds is a fantastic community and I'm going to try to dedicate a little more time to other artists here on newgrounds. I primarly post in the music portal and thats where I want to put most of my focus. I'm going to be listining to many of your works and trying to review as many as I can, because I think it's unfortunate that many artists go unnoticted simply because of the rating system. If you have visitied the audio portal in recent time you can clearly see a difference in skill but everyone is at the top of the list due to few votes or an influx of submissions pushing the top list 5 or 6 pages back. If you would like me to check out your tracks send me a link and i'll be sure to make my way over. 

Thank you newgrounds for being around for so long. 


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2016-07-29 05:47:41

hey man thanks for the review :)

much love


2016-09-25 08:50:15