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haha. i figured you were going to leave it like this. ive took a couple of cracks at it. haven't came up with anything. 5/5 you know how it is

Zodiax responds:

Unfortunately, me and you have hit a wall....

You see, we both know its good, but we're not satisfied with how it is at all.

Whatever, I'm working on a new project anyway, I know you'll like the new one I'm working with...
Well, the samples I'm using at least :)

no no no... no

BassTwister responds:

Not much for a review, do you think?

hey hey listened to all of it and i love the idea but, man for some more emotion id say work on progression and build. 3 minutes into it- the whole beat stays that same. throw a dramatic hook in there. good work expecting to see more. 2/5

hey hey good work definitely needs some work. work on your automaion in dubstep. work on mixing your highs with your lows so you get some raunchy bass into it. over all every thing is 70% there 3/5 man keep goin make more

like the beat like the build i would say eq your song a bit more. your lyrics are of beat a little bit. dont feel your voice in this song. doesn't sound like it fits maybe change your tonality a bit. im not a rapper but yo your vocals need some boost

yo bro nothing is random.. techno is a 4/4 kick style beat. drum n bass is 1/4 3/4 kick style halftime. with a 2/4 4/4 snare. man keep it up you will get better. fl studio is a great place to make all sorts of things. i suggest working on eqing and making your melodies a bit more definite 2/4 man keep it up!

ChroniusNightmare responds:

Techno is noise. You can agree to disagree but it is what it is. Besides this was a song that I just had to put up, just to update for the month.

not really a dubstep kinda electro sounding.. eq it man

hey yo you have alot of high end on your track i say eq this and it will be 10 times better 4/5 good work

holy crap holy crap. this is good. but this is definitely drum n bass. your 2/4 snare hits 1/4 3/4 drum is the swing if feelin. i say its good

holly crap amazing sampling...? if not let me know. some times i do direct input guitar but amazing none the less every thing flows the tone is good the drums fit the feel 5/5 man good work

B-RadGfromOV responds:

Yeah it's sampled. glad you think everything flows well, I was concerned about the drums and the hook part, but it turned out good I guess! thanks for reviewing.

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